Prado hua gari bure sana.. Moving coffin

Jaba mdau. It’s the same narrative we hear about the Toyota Hiace, zile box shaped or better known as choppers that they are bad. The new talk in town is about the New Isuzu FRR trucks ati ni slay queen, zinaanguka ovyo ovyo mara hazina brakes. I’ve seen some people argue to the point of clenching fists how bad these things are in car groups such as Baraza JM and such, but then again, I realized it’s best to observe from a distance and forever keep my peace. Most are people laying hearsay half-truths on the table, while some are arguing from their bedsitters. @mzeemashavu please advise us on what would be a great alternative. I would love to get another perspective

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Prado ni panty remover. Fact

There was a version of the Porsche 911 that was nicknamed the widowmaker juu its drivers were involved in many fatal crashes.
Prado iko firmly on the path to earning a negative tag

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mad drivers always blaming the vehicle.


Stability za most toyotas ni mbaya especially at high speeds sasa morio anaendesha vibaya kikimramba analaumu gari


Toyota hiace flat faced sio mzuri incase of accident dere kunyuria ni rahisi juu amekalia engine plus inaboil mayai zake ata newer models ziko na engine mbele kama za Mercedes ama VW

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Nitaanza kulaumu magari Ile siku yatajiendesha menyewe.

Behind the wheels of any vehicle involved in an accident, a bonobo must be the cause.


How people want to assign what should be common sense to cars is beyond me! Prado is an SUV with the worst CoG coupled with a very weak body frame, and everyone with half-working senses knows that, but nugus want to corner at 130 kph regardless!!!


Anyone can drive a car but not everyone is a driver…let that sink in…lazima uelewe gari una drive. I have a CRV and i know it has a high C.o.g so i know i need to slow down in sharp curves not accelerate… sasa shika Prado na its high C.o.g, higher H.P, and a bad driver…it becomes a recipe for disaster


Baraza na Amerix wako same WhatsApp group. Followers wao ni kondoo


The problem with the Toyota Hiace we use for passenger service kama shuttles are not meant for that but for cargo. That is why unaona ikipata accident the fatality rate is very high

Prado ni gari practical sana,especially TX yenye haina extras mingi.Ukitumia prado within the confines of the knowledge that CoG yake iko juu it will serve you very well.What we have on the roads are the ‘unajua hii ni prado?’ mentality drivers who have zero idea about other technical capabilities of the car.


Ground clearance hehe. Health check na service ni muhimu. Driver ndio wabaya, mostly utapata ni mtu hajamaliza miezi tatu na the same car. Mwenye gari aendeshe gari yake.


Glad to hear someone else shares the same sentiment. I’ve always been irked by izo articles za baraza za DN. He talks with such arrogance and authority and most times he’s wrong. Mbwa koko yeye


What problem are you talking about?

Vehicle is more than capable to carry 11 adults and leave some room for luggage.

The vehicle is never the problem. Drivers are.

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Use a pen to write, create a mistake on the paper (an erroneous entry), blame the pen for its stability on the paper!


Prados were never built for speed or even comfort. The thing was meant to crawl over bad terrain at 30 kmh…


Most drivers in Kenya don’t know that, ingia pale lavington on those narrow roads, unapata jamaa speeding while riding in the middle of the road, hadi you park on the side and let him proceed

Unapata a young inexperienced driver who has only driven a non turbo and very loud impreza akabambika yake yote, he gets his hands behind the wheel of a diesel prado, gets addicted to the surge of power when the turbos spool up thinking he can corner and manouver however he feels like, disaster is inevitable. Prado ni gari noma sana mzito for what it was engineered for. Infact Toyota yoyote inaitwa Landcruiser patia heshima zake.