PR Disaster

Yocheved Lifshitz, the 8 year old shosh that was released by Hamas has dealt the Israeli propaganda machine a huge body blow, not only did the shosh criticize her government’s response and wastage of money on a “useless” wall but she also seemed to exhibit some Stockholm Sysndrome when she recounted her treatment under Hamas.

“They provided us with everything we needed and were afraid of diseases spreading,” she added. “They were also very friendly and shared their food with us.”


Elderly Israeli
Yocheved Lifshitz turns around, shakes the hand of a Palestinian Qassam
Brigades soldier and says "Shalom" as she is
transferred to the Red Cross. The resistance are keeping their promise
to safely return home all detained noncombtants, as conditions allow.

Ali Abunimah is now on bluesky (@AliAbunimah) October
23, 2023



gave us pitta bread, hard cheese, some low fat cream cheese, and
cucumber and that was our food for the entire day."

Freed Hamas hostage Yocheved Lifshitz recounts her experience
saying "there were people there who took care of all the


Sky News (@SkyNews) October
24, 2023


Propagandists wa Israel hawakufurahishwa na interview ya shosh, they are describing it as a PR own goal.


Journalist at
most-read Israeli news site upset that a 85-year-old hostage released by
Hamas did not invent lies about them cutting off the heads of 40 babies
(styled “hasbara”) but instead recounted to the media that she and her
fellow hostages ate the same food as their captors

David Sheen (@davidsheen) October
24, 2023


When will the ordinary brainless asshole learn that USA and their allies are the REAL terrorists?

Kidnap is kidnap; whether you are treated as a queen or a slave. Sasa contention imekuwa how a person was treated when she was forcefully taken out of her home! Why weren’t the other nearly 2000 dead Jews treated the same way?

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What about the millions of dead Palestinians for the last 75 years?

@Ndindu take some milk and keep off Internet for an hour or 2. Umepandisha adrenaline for something you can’t make a difference, you’re spoiling your day by being angry and raising acidity level in yourself. Understanding Geopolitics and why certain things happen to different people draws a lot of energy from within, if I were you, I’d concentrate on leveraging on the weakening Kenya shilling and how to make something out of it rather than Israel Palestine war that had been caught over centuries.

Wacheni hizi emotions and stupid reactions. Ever since Israeli-Palestinian wars started, fatalities haijawai fika 100k combined for both sides. There’s bound to be a bias but hio milioni yako ni exaggerated.