It is 20:43 in Jubileestania.

My Gionee M6 Lite, after a day of normal usage, still has 68% of its power remaining. Gone are the days when I would be lugging a powerbank or begging for a socket at 2PM.
People, keep laughing at Shainaman and Tweetering on the brink of OFF with those shiny slimphones with 1750 MaH batteries. I prefer juice and 3GB RAM.

I saw that and my mind went to snoops gins and juice
Hio ka simu ni mangapi munene

Sh. 14,999 at Jumia, 14,900 in the CBD. Nenda GSMArena and get convinced.

Did I mention that the 4000 MaH battery is removable a rarity in these days of planned obsolescence? Corning gorill glass? Android 6? Octacore?

Rom and camera?
what’s the trade-off?

It’s actually a very good phone. Right now samsung is having a very hard time in kenya.


It is definitely a good phone.
But one day, my good Friend, you will have the pleasure of meeting Naomi!

Weka maisha preez

Mbisha *

Mimi mtu wa Windows phone nikae wapi?

Naona kwa phonearena battery is non-replaceable.


ati simu inajiita Jioni

kwani huyu Naomi alikupanulia hadi kwa mkia?

weka screen shot ya SOT

Tafakari hayo, aisee!

Mbisha za nini @ziga?

That’s a mistake.

=“Nattydread, post: 1013936, member: 4401”]Mbisha za nini @ziga?[/QUOTE
Narusha tumawe Police station