Power is indeed an illusion: A throwback to 4 years ago when your senator became acting president.


Indeed it was like viagra.

Did Raila just walk out on him while he was “reading the president’s speech?” :smiley:

Most people who allied with him never really liked him because he has his own powerbase and is independent.

Uhuru used him in 2013 for youth votes and urban appeal. In 2017 Ruto used him to stop Peter Kenneth and Mountain Mafia used him to finish Kidero.

Now he is not needed because he does not want to play ball with the owners of Nairobi.

In 2022 we will use him to capture Machakos Gavana

@Masood huyu sonko hujidunga nini…it gets him to a different kind of high.
And by the way those words that he uttered used to be treasonable a few years ago…hii na ile ya raila kuapishwa ni sawa

Noticed that too :D:D

Sonko was already throwing insults…would you remain seated under such circumstances? His security probably adviced him to leave.

Hapo Baba aliamua ajiheshimu, which was very clever of him. Hiyo aibu was too much.

How times humble people… He should know people

Back then Sonko was drunk with power. Today Uhuru is drunk with power. 5 years from today Uhuru will be walking same road.

Nuh, that won’t happen.

It won’t happen. Gideon Moi the richest man in east Africa and the Burning Spear royal family will rule kenya for the next 100 years

Sonko ako kwa debe 2022

When the music stops, the lights go out, and the curtains fall it’s time to go home. The best he can do is accept his defeat and choose to fight another day. Seems the die is cast and it’s just a matter of time b4 his fate is sealed.

As it stands, it is a wait and see situation. Juzi ameadmit there’s life beyond politics, kumaanisha amekuwa frustrated ya kutosha.

Ako na ufala kimpango. He is not smart or sophisticated. If it’s Kikuyu’s describing his behavior wangesema ako na ukipii mob.

Akachaguliwe Machakos. Nairobi is too complicated for a retard like him.

I am told he seems to have split personality. His mood and temperament changes quickly without notice.

He is a master politician. To be one you need to be good at psychology. He is extremely media savy and knows how to create an image. In that clip he was potraying to his Kamba base that he is a Jubilee insider and a powerful man. The image is later used to scare an enforce compliance.

Taifa Leo: Amejua hajui

Sometimes you are the cock of the walk next you are a feather duster. Such is life

Mwenye aliandika hiyo headline, wacha tu. Sounded like a personal attack :smiley: