Power Games: How Ruto is outfoxing Raila

Nyandarua wapi?

Karaû gwa Kîaraho

Nitakutafuta unisaidie kutafuta kashamba hapo Mathakwa au Tumaini.
Na ku confuse na talker anajiita @Oxygen

JSKS is brilliant, mara intelligent, mara cunning. All that just until it comes to dealing with the economy! How people relate brilliance with some known thief who keeps awarding nonperformers, tribemates, incompetent lot that can barely help an economy that is failing fast always beats me! A 6kg gas cylinder just shot up by 30% but you are being told how your leader is brilliant, pragmatic and all that BS!
How this intelligence suddenly evaporates when it comes down to putting in the work and appointing qualified staff just amazes me! Like who appoints a Waititu who thought moving rivers away from riparian land was wise, to a body that deals with saving riparian lands! Mwafrika hawezi jisaidia!


Even if you boycott the 2027 elections bado we will still have a president. I told you guys that Baba will not be around by 2030. Mr. William will still be the president at that state funeral and then comfortably retire after 2032.

Alaa Kimuzi Twitter Bigwig from Tel Aviv, Israel pia wewe umeland hapa. Karibu sana.

Asante ndugu. Niko ndani kabisa.

Ethical hacker state house iko pande gani hii nairobi

Na vile nilithania @PHARMACY ndio the only illiterate kwa hii kijiji

Wewe diye the only ass peddler beside @chap

Unauza mcoondur gapi leo ?

Yaani kuna ngombe bado ziko na hopes with Africas biggest loser?

Today a Tanzanian living in Sweden gave me a call. She was interested in knowing how Hasla anaendelea. She told me that the hasla narrative caught up in TZ too. She was wondering if this narrative can help topple CCM from power.

Hehehe. He might not be the one, just maybe

Stima sacco wameanza ufala, btw dividend zinatoka lini

Unauliza dividends, umeona pesa zako kwanza,wakirudi nitawatoka mbio sana,sitaki huo upuzi

Just borrow to cover your deposits. There is no comeback for a 60billion Sacco that takes 2 months to migrate data. Kuna mahali kamenuka.