Power Games: How Ruto is outfoxing Raila


The political landscape in Kenya is currently marked by intense political maneuvering and jockeying for power, with the ruling coalition led by President William Ruto seeking to weaken the opposition and consolidate power.

Two recent developments have seen Ruto outfox his longtime rival Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition coalition known as Azimio la Umoja.

The first development took place in the National Assembly, where the membership of a powerful committee responsible for scheduling parliamentary business was retained.

However, Ruto had already won over some members of the committee who represent the minority side, thereby strengthening the numbers of his ruling coalition. This move effectively deals a blow to Odinga’s coalition, as it diminishes their ability to have a say in what will be discussed in the House.

Some opposition MPs in the committee have since shifted their political allegiances, including Adan Keynan and Sarah Korere from the Jubilee Party. They have already pledged to support the government, thereby giving Ruto’s coalition a formidable majority.

The House is currently racing against time to conclude the consideration of the first supplementary budget under Ruto’s administration, and the Budget Policy Statement (BPS) for the financial year 2023/2024 is expected to be tabled next week.

The second development involves a faction allied to the ruling coalition that has wrestled control of the Jubilee Party from allies of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta. The new team plans to have the party sever ties with Odinga’s Azimio and enter into a cooperation agreement with the ruling alliance.

The Jubilee Party’s National Executive Council (NEC) recently resolved to suspend Jeremiah Kioni, David Murathe, and Kagwe Gichohi as secretary-general, vice-chairman, and national treasurer, respectively.

In response to the Jubilee Party’s resolutions, the Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu confirmed that the NEC was properly constituted, which means that those who were appointed in acting capacity will take over officially. The coup against the party’s critics, including Kioni and Murathe, effectively consolidates Ruto’s hold on power and weakens the opposition.

These developments illustrate the complex and constantly evolving nature of Kenyan politics, as various factions and alliances jostle for power and influence.

Ruto’s success in outmaneuvering his rivals has strengthened his position and weakened the opposition, setting the stage for further political developments in the coming months and years.

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Baba’s soldiers are letting him down. Now more than ever we need a strong opposition.

there is no way jambazi sugu, a mere student can outfox baba. he is known as ‘agwambo’ the mysterious one for a reason. 10 million march to State house coming soon ! mtashangaa sana

@Kimuzi umeland huku si mngeleta bosibori na hiyo malaya ingine(forgotten the name)

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Huku manners ndio hakuna

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The pressure became too much they hired influencers to cool things down but customers are still complaining. The battle is far from over. …

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So uhuru’s party, and by extension uhuru, are supporting government by force. hehehe.

Tobias and sanballat can not stop wsr from rebuilding the wall.
Null n void brothers are only good at inciting the masses and creating hatred.
They need a sharp think tank

In WSR I trust. Everyone has realized Rao he is a scam

as a high iq baba man,this is my reply:

first you have done well in advancing wsr interests.

second,about manouvers,you fail to be holistic.Yes ruto ‘won’, he is now the president doing what he should do.

Raila being an enigma took a sabbatical.Then came with a declaration Ruto did not win.

They quoted their figures,claimed to publish them soon.IEBC was challenged to do the same,maybe via an audit report.This is a trap but a legal necessity.

(keep in mind i had opined it is strategic Masit remains fighting as she seems to have political capital to face Ruto.The rest were right to resign.So after the tribunal some scores should be settled all the way at the supreme court.Masit offers that opportunity.Those who had resigned will seek to be enjoined)

Third,the enigma branded Ruto a president of the minority.He started rallies first in areas considered strongholds.I guese he will then go to areas considered 50/50 and finish off in Ruto strongholds.By then the little hope ruto supporteds still cling on will have almost died and grievances fattened enough.

The objective here is to force Ruto start trying to show he has numbers.The prayer rally is an example and a failure.Baba 1 Ruto 0.

Fourth,basing on my first point,baba has declared he doesnt recognize Ruto.He will not participate in his activities like iebc recruitment,here also i assume he doesnt place much premium on parliamentary games.You remember how the speakers were selected?

That plays into babas plan of delegitimizing zakayo.It takes the steam out of the process even before it begins,and the steam is placed on babas next move.Constitutional reforms.

Fifth,BBI failed.Ruto came and he quickly expressed his wish to amend the constitution.Baba saw an opportunity and a trap.He took his time.Rutos people expressed their wishes on what should be amended.When baba came his reply was:first put the BBI on the table if we are to talk about amendments.

I’m yet to understand rutos move.But having experienced Moi,Raila has kept his cards secret.He knows Ruto is likely to play like Moi.Thats y he reminded him he is not as rich as Moi,the law is not like Moi’s time.
Just like me,baba wants an update on law changes.He is triggering Ruto.Constitutional changes are a bonus.With or without them,Ruto is in a corner here.

Finally very few political parties survive to the next elections.Of all parties Jubilee has surprised me it is still existing.What u afe seeing is not by accident but a clever move to wrestle the mountain from UDA.Already new formations like MDD have been created.What remains is Ruto to give a reason so that the mountain can launch a grassroot based party to kick UDA to Nandi.

I have a strong feeling part of the nuclear options is to prepare the ground to boycott 2027 elections based on lessons learnt in 2017.

So its Ruto playing catch up by learning how to lead a government,deliver on pledges while politicking on how to win power.I guese he now feels sycophants r a burden he got few soldiers.

This is just one big, complicated and convoluted excuse. Winning is simpler than that.

Wewe ni shenzi , SEMA wewe ni shenzi , it will be better if you trust in your tongue which tastes different feacal flavors than a politician . Wewe ni shenzi sana .shenzi

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