Poverty Sio Poa~ These are Kibera Residents Going to WSR's Karen home for handouts

And they do this daily. They wake up early in the morning kama mtu anaenda kazi industrial area but they walk all the way to Karen bcoz your so called “hustler” has promised them handouts ndio wapigie Mariga kura. …sad.

Later after walking to and from Karen they come back home. At least leo wamepata something to put food on their tables/sania.

At least no running away with already falling trousers.

Kuanga serious at times

It’s very sad state. Unfortunately they are being introduced to bribery kind of politics which is dangerous to ODM.

Yes, they are bribed. The situation changes completely when one is alone in the booth

Kenya ni kunoma saa hii. Things are thick…

I fully agree with you. Reminds me when Livondo was competing with Baba during Kibaki time

Naona pia hii mushaina meambiliwa kakitu!!![ATTACH=full]263899[/ATTACH]

poverty is bad.

Kibra is a tough place. I stayed there in 2003 and I really knew what poverty is.

Handouts have been part and parcel of Kenyan politics

Most voters in Kenya don’t have the minds to make independent choices hata uwafungie ndani ya zile safe za swiss banks.

Thick wapi tuulize sisi tuko kenya maisha taaaamu!