Poverty Relationshits

So I’ve seen a post about a married guy borrowing money from friends so that he can move his wife and two kids to a 2 BR house. From the comments I saw from his fellow broke asses on here, the wife asking him that they need a 2 BR house bcz the 1 BR can’t fit him, his wife his 2 kids and a mbotch plus any visitors they may have is kukaliwa.

Ladies the only person I blame for these messes is you. I mean even an animal in the wilderness knows not to mate with a male with no resources. A certain female animal mates with the male who bring her the most meat. Yet you an educated woman in her right senses will not vet suitors during dating coz you want to be seen to be an independent woman. You pay half the bill, you order the cheapest meal on the menu. You won’t ask the man to do anything for you so that you can test his ability to provide for a family. Then you go ahead marry the guy based on his potential. You vumilia like a good wife. Take loans for him. Get his kids. Live in a 1 BR five people. The day he makes it he ghosts you bcz you remind him of his ugly past in brokenness.

A man expects you to look good, he expects sex, he expects you to be his cum dumpster, emotional dumpster, to cook and clean and carry pregnancy, breastfeed, bath his kids, stay up nights with the kids even if you both work bcz that’s the woman’s role, swallow cancer causing pills so that he can enjoy raw sex bcz he can’t use CDs. Teach the kids how to walk, talk and potty train. Give him sex weneva he wants it wen you never get orgasms from it yourself. And if you can’t meet those expectations he will not hesitate to kick your ass to the curb and get another woman.

Yet if you just expect him to do one thing, one thing, not two, which is to provide safety and security by providing finances. You are a gold digger. You are a social climber, you are hypergamous, you are after his money. Really? As a woman you must meet a million expectations but asking a man to meet just one expectation and even that he can’t. Then you as a woman let a man shame you, guilt you, scare you into such relationshits. Where you are the mule. You even go as far as to pay your own dowry and for your wedding. After all you got him used to you paying for dates and trips and vacations and having sex and kids before he had invested anything in you.

I used to blame men but I no longer do. Women choose. Women decide. Women are the gate keepers. If you can give a man immortality through your womb when he hasn’t even married you or when you have seen clearly that this is a broke ass but you love him or you do not want to be alone. Sawa. Enjoy your 1 BR rental and do not complain. Or borrow people money coz you asked for it. Love doesn’t pay bills hun. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Just for your info. Your analogy about the wild and “females animals mate with males that bring the most meat”.

The lion, which is considered the apex predator, thus known as the king of the jungle, it’s the lionesses (females) that do the hunting to feed the pride. Then the lion (male) eats first and after he has had has fill, the rest will follow. It makes for a “happy home”. :D:D:D

(Disclaimer: I’m not a brokeass. :D)






when you have 2 kids and a mboch unafaa kuwa kwa minimum 2 bedroom. huyo jamaa ata hajakaliwa, yeye ni mjinga. Huwezi ishi kwa one bedroom na family ya watu watano. How will you breathe? Ukifanya ngono mboch anasikiza tu. Ukienda kwa loo watoto wanasikia tu chenye inaendelea uko. Io ni ukosefu wa akili. Kama rent iko juu hamia pale mashinani mahali kuna space

Na hawezi hama juu the guy alioa sq. Sasa jamaa itabidi aseme goodbye to his wife cause she does not seem like she is an understanding woman.

ata mtoi mmoja na mboch…especially a kido whos past two years