Poverty is dehumanizing

The guy was shot juu alikataa kutoa hongo ya 50. Most likely hakuwa nayo. The officer was mad juu hii ni “cheo” amepewa and mdosi must collect something kila jioni au anyang’anywe “cheo”. Probably ana bibbi na rent ndio hio. The boda guy was also probably desperate to make something baada ya kuhonga traffic na kanjo siku mzima. It all ende in a vicious killing born of poverty


That askari mjinga should be arrested and jailed

Swali kuu ni, how high up, is bribe money given to police officers, go in the police hierarchy ?

Mbwa za Z- (Minus) hazina reasoning capacity.

The story is not accurate. … the boda guy had rushed a child who had drowned to mama lucy but the guards stopped him at the gate because mama lucy doesn’t allow boda bodas in the hospital! an argument ensued guards wakamchapa alafu ndio polisi akaingilia and it escalated. THE GUY WAS TRYING TO SAVE LIVE AND HE LOST HIS. R.I.P

Mki waajiri mnangalia meno ngapi wanayo bila ku assess akili zao, hii ndio matokeo

So the guy was already at the gate na bado anadai kuingia ndani?
There’s more to this story lakini media ni nani


Hasira hasara, they would have restrained him if he was disordely.

Who loses more in this scenario the officer or the rider, I can never understand why people insist on being aggressive to a man with a gun.
It’s stupidity of the highest order, no bikes allowed means no bikes allowed.

Niliona jamaa mwingine akilia kwa mtandao ati amekatazwa kuingia na nduthi yake pale TRM. The guards told him No bikes allowed, so he was ranting ati Vitz inaruhusiwa kuingia na nduhi yake ni ya 1.3m iwekwe hapo nje na skygo wenzake. It was funny.
I digress though, this story ya Mama Lucy lazima kuna issue ilikuwa, am not sure Z- atakufyatua tu just like that.

I digress though, this story ya Mama Lucy lazima kuna issue ilikuwa, am not sure Z- atakufyatua tu just like that.

Are you both trying to justify the shooting of unarmed civilian who was out to save another life…!!!

Justice is a relative concept and if you think I am justifying it so be it, my point still stands.

Kichwa yako imejaa maji aje unaenda kubishana na ndume Ina bunduki?

Boda boda riders are very bad. They don’t listen

Not listening doesn’t justify the shooting… if he was bn disorderly arrest him for fucks sake how do you shoot someone point blank in the chest for not listening. Mko na argument za kishenzi.

You take off the safety point it at the yammering fool in probably a Jubilee reflector and squeeze the trigger

It’s ok when it happens to a stranger until you are on the other side of the gun…this type of attitude is why some of this fools think they can get away with such bullshit.

Calm your tits man, if the sign says no bikes beyond this point then what is so difficult to comprehend?

Besides what makes you think we know the whole story of what happened?

Is it unheard of for an officer to shoot a civilian for being foul mouthed?

Is it unheard of for a civilian to try and snatch a rifle from an officer?

If you do not have the entire tale mehe mehe ni ya nini?

if the sign says no bikes beyond this point

Yes, bikes are not allowed but when life is hanging on the line common sense takes over… but i guess in your case common sense is not common.

There’s nothing common about me freemason, if the rule was established it must have had a security reason to it.

Hard as it is to swallow, but the truth is the needs of the many must always outweigh the few.

Btw, since the guy was shot did that stop the staff from saving the kid?