Poverty is bad.

:D:D Fala sana ghaseer wewe.

They are used to that, maybe. But you would notice them waiting for a lift from motorists in that lane. Tough hustle.

Vile inafaa.

Ubaya ya mkamba ni hasira. :smiley:

Calm down. We all know Kenyans don’t like each other but that’s normal. Recently we established you don’t like Kikuyus because you feel that maybe Kalonzo was mistreated by both Kibaki and Uhuru which is okay. But he is still a “young” man. There is still time. If it was meant to be, then so it shall be, if not I can guarantee you there will be a Kamba president one day. Maybe not in your lifetime but who knows.

The question mark was for the talker talking about Mathare… He was off-tangent .

Ah! I don’t care who becomes President as long as he takes care of our national interests and aspirations. Wewe uko America ni unafikiria tu tribal lords! Jeez!

Lakini si tukubali tu Kalonzo ni usilesi. Roho tu safi.

Huyo jamaa for the 40 years he has been in top leadership ni nini amefanyia wakamba?

We always heard complaints of no water even in his own constituency. Plus bad roads. Mind you the guy was a Vice President for 5 long years. As a president ni nini atafanya tofauti?

Kuna Nairobi mara mbili which are polar opposites. One city which can be viewed through two different sets of eyes. There is a peasant’s point of view, and a birrioneas point of view. Hao watu wawili ukiwauliza what they think about Nairobi you will get very different answers.

Bana. The upper deck doesn’t care about yhr lower lower yet it’s this class that work for them.

Running for President is a personal aspiration, it’s not meant to benefit anyone else. If he feels that is his goal, then you can’t bar him. Lakini wewe unamuona mkamba badala you judge him by what he has in the brains.

Complaining doesn’t work though. Watu watafute pesa.

Tangu nijue wewe ni shemale, na imagine unanuka meffi 24/7


There will always be poor people tho. No matter how hard they work. It’s the way of life!

Why are you complaining of something you can’t/won’t change?

FYI, matatus used to go through that route. Wenye Nairobi wakahofia Maisha yao

For the longest Kileleshwa and Lavington areas were about the same. There was only one bus that crossed through those areas. I believe once every 4 hours between 7 am and pm. And from the bus stop to the house was a very long walk. But this is how the city was designed. Those domestic workers had homes ( servant quarters ) in those residences. They did not have to commute daily.

As usual Kenyans miss the forest for the trees.

  1. Hiyo ni exercise poa
  2. Most domestic workers pale Gigiri are live-in.

@administrator funga hii thread ya upuss!

Waluhya na wakamba wamezoea route 11, yaani kutembea… Sioni shida iko wapi…

Yes. Na kengine kalikuwa kanaitwa ‘upsetter’