Poverty is bad.

Have you ever noticed that the road that connects Muthaiga shopping Centre and I think US Ambassador’s residence does not allow matatus or bodas or anything public entry! Funniest thing is that there are guys, probably domestic servants and others on low cadre jobs who trek all the way from Thika Road to that place. This also includes Getrudge Hospital staff who have no personal cars. Yaani nobody cares about how those guys connect to and from their hustles in those places. Unatembea kiatu inaisha, ni kama uko training ya NYS Gilgil morning run mlima Kioko. This earth is hard!

Dont you worry. Its gonna rain soon.

Tulisema asubuhi bonobos should normalize spending more time looking for money and less time complaining about the rich

It’s not me. I just noticed. I no longer live in Nairobi.

Sawa fellow peasant!

Leta hekaya

Uki quit job because hakuna matatu you are a useless man

Ever since I discovered you are a Kamba dude, try as I might nasoma thread zako zote na Kikamba accent :

“Funniest nting is ntat nthere are nguys, mprobably ndomestic nsavants and anthas on low nkanda njombs who ndlek o nthe way from Ntika lond to nthat mplace.”


Hata naona ushaandika “Getrudge” hosmbito.

Cc @Sambamba

And the floods will sweep the wretched of the earth into the valley of despair.

Vitu zingine si ni self explanatory. Alitembea kutoka Mathare akipeleka CV hapo Gertrudge hosmbito, kupanda hio slope ya kuingia Muthaiga akaskia ni kama skwembe zitalipuka.

Another place where there are no matatus is the notorious Runda Estate. Casual labourers in Muthaiga, Runda and most of Karen really suffer a lot.


bora uhai

Mlima Kioko, NYS, Gilgil?

I usually tip domestic workers generously. Thanks for highlighting their plight. Sometimes you get bogged down by life issues and business deals. Other times, I forget they exist as I stagger through life. Today I will make sure I sema “Thank you”.

Exercise is good.

I am sure all those low cadre employees are physically fit. They benefit more healthwise.

In short unasema wapewe keki?

Yaani “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake.”

Been there? Remind me what’s it’s called.

You are the most tribal talker of all times. Sasa unaishi majuu na bado uko na hio tribal mindset? You sound like some guy I went to campus with, he wouldn’t associate with you before knowing your tribe. I honestly don’t care where one comes from. And no, I have no accent and even if I had it, I would wear it honourably kwani iko nini! Kiraitu Murungi made it to Havard with his Meru accent.