Poultry Farmers cry foul as poultry meat and feeds from US floods Kenyan market

Poultry farmers and feed manufacturers are crying foul after cheap imports allegedly from the US were shipped into the country weeks ago.

An estimated 20 tonnes of poultry meat is suspected to have been imported into the country two weeks ago from the US through Zanzibar.

Dr Humphrey Mbugua, Association of Kenya Feed Manufactures manager, said that the importation of the cheap poultry parts threatens to push local farmers and feed manufacturers out of business and also poses health risks to unsuspecting consumers.

“American consumers, for instance, prefer boneless breast meat rather than whole chicken. Therefore, the remaining poultry parts are exported to Africa, where people prefer on-bone pieces like leg quarters, wings and paws (feet),” Dr Mbugua said.

He noted that while import tariff impositions may not completely eradicate product inflows from low production cost countries, Kenya requires guidelines on fair trade to safeguard local farmers and traders.

“Some countries have free access to the Kenyan market but restrict our poultry from accessing their markets so we need to level the playing ground,” he said.

Uganda and Tanzania are other sources of poultry products for Kenya.


no wonder the selling of kuku mwitu has been on the rise lately. walk in any of these estates from evening at around 5 pm, watu wanachoma kuku sana starting from as low as 40ksh for a chicken part…

Mtakula GMO mjue America ni wapi. Kamwana opened the gates for Orange-face.

The dumping of western slaughterhouse remains after choice cuts have been extracted has always existed in Wet Africa, where little or no local production exists. In Kenya, the practice would leave our enterprising fledgling meat industry in tatters.

Uhuru needs to wake up from his fuck-us-we-are-bending-over stupor. First the Chinamen who now walk in and out at will, and now Drumpf’s type of economy where only the green-back counts and climate-change, environmental protection and health are pesky background issues.

Kenyan government is just a BIG JOKE… I saw ata samaki from China the other day… Ata maziwa itaku kuja tu! Wizi …

I don’t know if this is sarcasm or not and at this point I am too afraid to even ask.

you guys were told hamna regulation ya ku empower local farmers and industries mkakataa ati globalization and free market ni lazima. Haya ndio hiyo halafu guess what… welcome HGH hormones and GMO meat. Be ready for cancer equipments which you guys have in scarcity…

Will Kebs or ministry of agriculture guys check for the hormone content ya hiyo nyama?? Trump akisema you guys import the meat regardless ama Tariffs? Kamwana atakataa kweli?? Some will call me scaremonger but this is what inadequate systems lead to.

Usishangae kuona Uliam is in partnership na those guys importing this meat. lets buckle up Kenyans

The sad thing is, that US chicken is subsidised. It is meant to kill local industry just like the mtumba trade…and Uhuru is here telling us about the Big Four…

More evidence that Uhuru is a lazy leader so he keeps lying that he will make things better.

Problem with Kenyans is that we do not know how to boycott. Ile siku kutakuwa na mass boycott bila kuingiza our narrow minded politics and tribalism, watu watatii. For instance watu wakiboycott KPLC/specific products/service providers for a few weeks and we look for alternatives.

no wonder kilikuwa na flood ya broilers viajabu

Has also happened to South Africans…US chicken was brought into the market about two months ago wakalia wakachoka…And it’s extremely cheap

What can Uhuru do for the guys blaming him? Do you know how easy it is to bring in poultry meat into the country without detection by relevant authorities?

Same thing happended in Cameroon offcuts from EU wee being dumped there killing the industry , same thing with onions ! Try the same shit there utajua haujui subsides for their farmers and crazy taxes for any one trying to sell to them

Are you saying that all along, Donald Trump was right (about China)?

How else will KFC get their chicken?

It’s cheaper than marabou stork even…:smiley:

If imports are not curbed, soon every manufacturing industry in the country will go belly up. Although I don’t support Magufool, he burnt Kenyan chicks to protect the Tanzanian chicken farmer. Now that’s a leader with some balls!

Big Four Hoyee!!