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Pascal Tokodi has Separated with his wife Grace Ekirapa 4yrs after their private wedding.

The separation was as result of Pascal FAILURE to give Grace a lavish lifestyle. From the onset Grace demanded that as celebrities thy needed to live big, enjoy flamboyance, Splendour & Glamour with little consideration to Pascal financial capacity.

This forced Pascal to get into loans & borrowing in order to satisfy his wife’s outrageous demands, at some point he took a loan of 2M to get his wife a car.

Men, stop going into depts & into depression trying to please women, if she isn’t satisfied with what you’re offering let her go. Finally marry within your class & avoid women with fake standards.


The hasla economy will splice open many so called marriages the way ivory coast splices open butt cracks of $0.9 hoes


if that’s the case, then she’d have broken up with the guy within the first year of their relationship. no modern woman can endure a man’s brokeness for more than one year if she’s got options. hii ni story ya jaba

she was a christian, a staunch one, she was doing it to keep up appearances. Ukiona imefika hapa ujue wamegonga ukuta. The recent fall of githeri media houses pushed them to the edge wakaona hakuna mwisho wa mateso.

Naona maboy wa takodi ndio wameleta narrative. This looks like a good woman…nikipata yeye mileage itasonga

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Na huyu khipupi si alikua qatar akipost videos ama ilikuwa part of healing

So a staunch Christian can be this materialistic? :thinking:

She’s in to those prosperity gospels

No wonder he was destined to fail.

She could work for one of the many gospel TV stations eg ya Odera, kanyari, masinde etc. The package may not be close to what she had at NTV. Or do consultancy work in media