Postcolonial Bonobos cannot achieve this.


Sema the British were milking the Hong Kong native bila lube. After they left hio ndio maendeleo walipata after musungu kuzuridisha kinyambis kwao.

Kenya Kuna watu wanafaa kwenda jela, and they loot recovered

Population? Kenya mzima si yaeza toshea hii high density peninsula?

That’s one hell of planning in there. I’d love to see how they manage water and sewage services and management.

If there’s a master plan na ifuatwe with military precision it can’t be rocket science iiiiiivoooo to planning experts. Everything is calculated per capita (floorspace, heating BTUs, domestic water, electricity, sewerage, transport, education, food and healthcare facilities) and given a good margin for error plus major provisions left for expansions of said services as population projections climb. Mchina hii game anajua

Hii Nairobi banaa, even if you drop the whole of Lake Victoria pale Ngong forest, Nairobi will still have water shortages.

I’d like to see a special economic zone like Hong Kong created in Africa tuone what bonobos can do with such