Posta services have also gone up

Inflation is not sparing any sector. Bei ya Masanduku kwenda juu. Hapa Posta has dry fried itself. Watu wataachana na haya masanduku. But on a real note, aren’t we highly taxed in this country?

Masanduku ni muhimu still. Esp ukinunua vitu online. Na success cards i guess

Bei ya Mpost pia wamepandisha?

Bado ile mradi yao ya mbathi bado iko ama imekua white elephant

Hapa posta wamejikaranga! These rental boxes are obsolete with all the ICT advancements. The guys who pay most likely are just trying to keep the identity that comes with the number na waliachiwa hilo jukumu na wazazi, like me. (ours was acquired in 1982, sikukuja Nairobi na basi kama wewe:D:D)

Since KPLC & banks introduced E-billing, sijawahi pata kitu ya maana in those rental boxes for the last 4 years. Wajaribu kuongeza na shillingi, and that box can kiss itself goodbye.

Ile siku utafungua company ndio utajua maana ya p.o. box

niko na company, but uses a different one. Na hainisaidii vile. Ni vile its a requirement. Residential adresses dont make sense.

There was something like a shared box for Kshs 600 a year I believe.

Many companies are also moving away from snail mail.
And do companies still post cheques?
Many of the ones I know use couriers or have hired riders to deliver them and any other urgent mail.

P.O. boxes are not valuable for their actual use. They are mostly a requirement for registration, filling tender docs, etc

No, we are not.A small number of people, less than 4 million, bear the cost of taxation in this country. Consider that only around 3 million KRA pins are active, thus Income tax, the Government’s biggest source of revenue, is contributed by only around 3 million out of a working age population of around 18 million.
Some may claim that we all pay VAT, which is true, but once more, the vast majority of VAT payers are the ones who consume the most, who are not the poor.Plus, the poor and lower middle class mainly buy basic products which are VAT exempt like milk and maize flour, thus are taxed even less.
a comparison with other nations like South Africa(where the top tier tax rate on income tax is 40%) or the scandanavian nations(where anyone earning more than 1 and a half ercent above the average per captia is subject to heavy taxation and with VAT rates ranging from 24% in Finland to 35% in Sweden, or France where there was a 70% tax on every person earning above 1 million Euros.I conclude that Kenya is indeed undertaxed by population and by world standards, even by developing nation standards, our tax rates are quite low.
Heck even in East Africa, our VAT is the lowest.

these tax rates would be ok if we saw what our taxes are doing. right now, even with the little, there’s nothing to show.
as for France, i think they did away with that storo. the rich threatened to direct their money elsewhere.