Post Wall warthogs and their high standards



Umafwi thread

Shut your dirty anus ghassia ya kijiji.Endaulambe mashiro za @TrumanCapote polepole bila ku pollute threads safi za watu.

That was a bit extreme. Do you have quarantine issues. Feel free to nyonga a few tymz to release your pent up anger fellow villager.

You wont tell me what to or not to post you warthog fart.


Pole kama nimekuudhi na hio post.Niko tu sawa na hii quarantine.Just that mtu anaeza kuwa anaeza scroll very nice educative threads then you suddenly come across uwesmakendes shitty post in a otherwise fine thread.

Nimeshikanisha.haina nomare,kuchangamka ni poa.

I’ve never understood why somebody else standards should bother you after all they’re post wall, so why do their standards bother you. Si you focus on pre wall and be a happy camper. Hii bitterness ni ya nini? Halafu mutashindwa why you are being killed. Who is going to put up with this attitude for 24 hours. Hii ni majaribu hata kwa mahatma Gadhi. Hata periods hazifanyi mtu akue this Moody.

@TrumanCapote you are a renowned man hater with extreme penis envy. No matter how many celebrations you hold each time a beta meu loses his dick to a crazy thot, you will never grow a pair.