Post Wall Senior Government official flaunts bikini body( Single mother of 3)..Ako Dubai joyriding na taxes zenu

Ni senior Government official pale kwa ofisi ya Gachagua…

Wacha ajibambe …Pussy will always be womens biggest asset for those who use it wisely get to eat life with a big spoon


For a man to afford a Trip like that to Dubai he has worked his ass off put Blood, sweat and tears to his hustle
All a woman has to have is a wet crack and she’s good to go
Life is tuff to the man banae


It’s funny sioni @cortedivoire akidai kulipwa na huyo shosh akamuliwe na dildo

Mali ya wakubwa

I can bet she is born and raised in kinangop or nyeri…shagzmondo amejua maisha too late akiwa Mzee…nothing i detest more than seeing over the hill women posting such videos on tiktok


Me naeza kilamba

Thicc women are ok, but kama ni okuyu apana taka, hapo hakuna kitu. na sio kwa ubaya, speaking as a guy from the mountain side

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Bitter Men and their Comments…

Huyu mama ako sawa

Post wall chieth but I can still hit it raw and deposit 5kg of semen in her

Im glad to see her enjoying life she had a crazy divorce with lawyer Harisson Kinyanjui.The guy secretly buried their daughter because she was autistic and a ‘bad omen’


This is Wanja.She has always had money though.She is ex wife to Senior Counsel Harrison Kinyanjui.I am not saying that she is not enjoying government resources,but a visit to Dubai is not something that could excite her that much.She is well travelled.
Talk to me nicely nikupige connection

Siezi mind kupima oil

Unaona kama Mbirionaires WA KSh 150 wataweza hii

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Nope this one grew sround money probably first went to dubai as a minor.

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Huyu ashapigwa chain chain na uda yote. Nalipa 150

Wacha watu waenjoy life buana. Kila nyani na starehe zake :grin::grin::grin:

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Sirkal has almost zero slay queens. Everyone you see there is the kin of someone who was once powerful. Private companies ndio kumejaa slay queens.

I was once at at a dinner in someone’s house when the daughter said she wanted a diplomatic posting.

Soon enough, naona update LinkedIn “First Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

5 years later, senior foreign service officer.

Kidogo Tena, Assistant Director of Foreign Service.

I repeat, no slay queen is getting these jobs.


Hapa Sio mambo ya 150 bana