Post Wall Manenos :Life begins at 50

@Finest wine tutawezana? Watu wako na stamina. @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii come see how post walls are eating life with a big spoon. Kweli life is not a rehearsal. Mimi wacha tuu nishikilie Yesu wangu. Okonkwo dancing with these youngins sitawesana. You may break a limb bana.


Some people are not made to dance. It’s best they just leave it alone. But nice simple apartment.

Loosen up, Truwoman, the body is built for action. Seriously, there’s nothing here.

Have you paid your weekly harlots a visit ama bad moods ni za nene mgtow?

A lunje man 20 years my junior is too much loosening up4me.

Depends on the part(s) being loosened. Sometimes there’s something called a blessing in disguise

Eating Ugali ya kisagi for breakfast lunch and dinner can lead to dislocated pelvic bones. Luhyas men should come with warning label. They are a danger to the pelvis of any woman.

Quit fear mongering, though of course only women would know. But if I could hazard a guess, that danger only comes with the attitude that “if it needs smashing, a sledgehammer (known to masons as ‘nyundo mjinga’) is the best tool.” There’s a place for water to soften the rock, and gentle tapping with chisels to pry cracks open. If you know you know.

Try eating ugali ya kisagi nonstop for a month then come here and tell us how your better half is taking it. Why do you think rugby and football guys are mostly luhyas? Including the 2 rugby guys who gangraped a woman all night with no condoms? The ugali can’t even allow them to use a condom. They have too much energy that needs an outlet. They can’t compare with muthokoi and mokimo eaters like us.

Lessons on love and life! I’ll try that experiment, but I ain’t telling:D

Careful now, your wife may change the menu for good.

We don’t want that now do we? But there’s another way: you and I can retreat to Naivasha to review the results.

@TrumanCapote apote Hawa waluhya walibomoa wewe Hadi Kimbelembele ikapungua.

Basi hujaonja mashine inayoendeshwa na supu ya pweza. Utakimbia uwache viatu na suruali. Kimbelembele mbele na kiburi yako itaisha. Itakuwa tu Ni yes baby. Ooh My king. Ndio Mpenzi.

Haha!!! I am on lockdown until Corona is over. No field trips for me. Itabidi you use your local laboratory.

Comparing Omar Lali with mukobero eating mluhya is like comparing Ruto to Baba. My fren hata side hens watakutoroka after tasting luhya heavy duty machinery. Umeona mpwani in any football or rugby team. What you have is sweet mouth na uchawi mob na mihadarati na stare he na raha other than that you are too lazy like Luo men. Big talks and alot of PR but no action. However I will admit muko na sifa sana in going downtown and giving orgasms b4 the game begins and lots of pillow talk, sweet nothings which makes up for your lack of stamina.

Hehe, for now we will accept Truwoman’s verdict. But we shall revisit.

Malisa hio humbwer homosexual kabisa!

Unataka tulike na kufollow ama?

Hapa ni kama ka threesome kali tamba!!

This is a mating dance.