Post wall landwhales frustrated


why are landwhales praised by the way??
whether male or female?

Obesity is an achievement in bonoboland

Ukitokelezea kwa village na utambi watu wanakwambia usimame MCA ama MP juu wanaona you are doing well. Bibi akinona kama nguruwe jirani wanasema unachunga bibi vizuri.
I am working towards 75kg from a high of 106kg. Saa hii niko 87kg and improving on it. Those who know me think nakula ngumu ndio napunguza weight.

@rexxsimba was 19% of the men who showed up to this whale watchers club !

Very true. If you start training and watching what you eat resulting in reducing weight, udaku starts flying around.

Wah 80 percent turn out ?
Wametoshea wapi ? :D:D:D:D:D

What’s the retreat about anyway ?

Eish kumbe ulikuwa kanono…anyway endelea na tizi but the problem is that ukizubaa ka weight kana rudi.

Do not see why they complain, hiyo ration iko sawa. 4 whales for a fisherman

Only in Africa. Kwa wazunye mifupa ndio kusema buda.

The retreat was meant for overweight/obese men and women who have formed a social media group

the one coming from a social stratosphere where food of all kind is abundance prefers female bodies that display restraint in those fields.

the one coming from a poorer social stratosphere prefers a female body that indicates that it has been well fed.

Their group moderator is thin as a stick. How now ? Lakini he looks like he loves vindu vikubwa

Maybe ni rexxumbwa anatafuta momo

Ukitaka kutoboa balloon unatumia sindano

retreat iko wapi?


[SIZE=1]So wewe ni sindano ? [/SIZE]

Nko 74kg sai. Immediately after corona lock down I was kitu 95kg.

Have you noticed madem siku hizi look at you suggestively ukipita ama hata ukiwaongelesha? Boy child wajifunze kupiga tizi.

With all intents and purposes, being fit will take you far, as far as dating amd respect is concerned.Am 74 kgs as well na napiga tizi videadly especially shoulders and back and yes women stare a lot. No matter your chumz never let your body go. Hapo women will put you in a beta meil category automatically.