Post-valentine thanks

Now that you have enjoyed the strokes and the mdinyo music was on point. its time to get back to reality. For the likes of @Guru who was ploughed all night… @Nefertities who got rub down with cheese…hell even @anonymous60 who got a laugh from his mother-in-law-to-be as he led away her lamb to the slaughter, and everyone else who was writhing in pleasure, you need to send that thank you text now. Something raunchy like " Wah! yesterday you destroyed me! Ive never been given like that…in fact im wishing we were at it right now (winky/blushing/devil emoji)". Show some gratitude for goodness sakes. It will go a long way to getting head on that day you dont really feel like putting in any real work.

Everyone else, give yourself a hi-five (you know why!)


ha ha ha sneaky

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hio imenichenga, hapana shikanisha hiyo part ya high 5

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nice one, some one is getting insulted and they don’t even realize it


Watu wa arimis


mimi jana nililala siku mzima kisha jioni nikawatch ball.only lady i sent a valentines text was my mom nikazima simu…mimi apan taka stress

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Good morning hun… Jana was a blast… :heart: u

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Hehehehe wenye wivu wajinyonge…

Were you two playing with balloons again?

Hehehehe nope with foam bubbles

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:D:D:D hujaambia mtu vipoa. she spent vals with wakanyama fighting about who will wear a red bra.

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Hope this is not you @Guru