Post office box

Is there anyone here with a post office box and is willing to ‘share’ it with me just this one time.
I need some documents sent and the only way they can be sent is through ‘post’.(mail) .Very urgent. I don’t own one so if you have one hit me up…

-A friend to to other -


where are you? which town?

Use mine dear

Postal Address : 28229-00200 City
Square, Nairobi, Kenya


Acha kutupima, komboa box ziko kwa wingi at any post office. @2350 per year

Nkt… I only need one just this one time refer back to the post:rolleyes:

Use epost, you register with any of your phone numbers and select the post office code closest to you or whichever else you want and when your mail arrives they give you a call to go and collect and it’s only 300 bob per year.
Toka gizani.

Na uongeze 500 ya key,hehe

Use my address;

New Scotland Yard,
Victoria Embankment, Westminster, London SW1A 2JL

Alafu when I come home ntakuletea. Poa?

Naweza kusiadia yangu lakini swali la tatanishi ni, unalipa aje?

Mimi niko na box chini ya kitanda

Why not get your own postal box where all your details will be registered?

Is your “document” from Colombia?

Use mine:
P o mbox,

Si utumie ems

Hii tulitumia sana kutuma maswali ya This is Post Box…(millennials jipeni shughli)

Fungua accnt 300 bop per yr

Naogapa :D:D

Mtu hawezi afford kulipa 3k ya post office mnaexpect awalipe aje. This is just a broke woman looking for a free meal. Siwezi shangaa kupata hata story ya post office ni umeffi tu

What is 3k ,??ongea stuff zenye unajua. :confused::confused:…And I already sorted my issue.Nivile huwa situmii mail. I was even ready to compensate…

You should know people my brazza na uwache ujinga:)