Post election violence looming in USA

According to credible intelligence sources. There is a well orchestrated plan by Democrats to reject the outcome of the election and cause violence. Just like in 2007 Kenyan case. Biden is the Raila while Clinton and Obama are the Ruto and Joshua Sang. Unfortunately, the nation is not a member of ICC, thus it will be hard to arrest and convict the culprits.

USA erections ni kama zetu hapa Kenya nowudays

Mimi naunga mkono msito Trump.

Hehe. But they are such cowards. Biden rarely leaves his house sidhani he can handle tear gas like Raila.

Hillary can barely walk. Bill Clinton na yeye amezeeka siku hizi hadi sometimes he seats with his mouth agape. Obama na yeye amejiongezea stress hadi his coat is falling at the shoulders due to age and worry over matters that shouldn’t worry him. He looks like a 70 year old.


Can you substantiate these claims in a court of law?