Possibly a drink and Drive Situation

Germany machine still steady in them steams

Mijingaaaaaaa and taktaka channel

Kagege,Why are you always angry and petty?

Shoga ameamka

Makendes Benz S-Class…very high survival chance on that one. Subaru/Madza/ zingekua makaratasi

Ni German machine si Germany machine you uneducated bonobo

We will not promote or watch a useless taktaka YouTube chano

Unataka kulia sasa

Kwanza mazda ama CX5 sahi ingekua na casualties na kamelipuka

Nilicheki kwa ma3 routes twitter wakisema the accident was fatal

Yeah but no casualties



Taabu sana



You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

Tema jaba nanii …


He got out, but the fumes got him…he wasn’t the owner apparently. [ATTACH=full]500191[/ATTACH]