Possible leads on the TRM killer

  1. The man is definitely comfortable using cutting tools on flesh. He must have used some kind of power tool. A regular saw will not cut flesh and a knife won’t make those clean cuts on bone
  2. The man is not Nigerian from his physical features. He is Kenyan
  3. He may work in the meat business. Either in a githinjiro or in a butchery along the Thika highway stretch
  4. The man may be a lab manager in one of the medical schools in the area. He certainly looked clean and almost professional. That he made such great efforts to make it all clean and shows familiarity with this kind of crime. Unlike Matara who obviously got messy
    5 The dude stands for long periods and lifts heavy objects in his profession. The slight bowing of the lower parts of his leg tell tale
  5. The dude snorts something. His nervousness was obvious. But that is neither here nor there



Tueleze mnyambo yako basi. Somebody’s kid was murdered, dude. Even the “weakest” ideas help.

he had that typical kisii chini, and probably a high soprano

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Tunalipa ushuru CID wafanye kazi shenzi


Looks like you watch too much Discovery ID and FBI files


Cut this NCIS/CSI bullshit.

With those clear cctv images, all DCI has to do is post a 100k reward. The guy would be outed in 24 hours.

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That shit is real. They can profile someone until they net him. Watch a show called Forensic files. It’s a real life documentary. Utashangaa. They break 30 year murder cases using forensics alone. Wasee wengi sana are serving life sentences as a result.

Somebody knows this guy. He really sticks out.

Uko right in the fact that either ashawahi work kwa kichinjio ama in the medical field conducting surgeries… ku dismember an animal/human is not an easy task.

Plust this is not the 1st time he is doing it

In the medical field working in a morgue. Probably not as a surgeon. The average Kenyan surgeon has too much to lose by indulging in such heinous crime

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Do they pay ??

How does working in a slaughter house help in a third world country where that information means zilch??

Most businesses rarely keep meticulous records of their employees, least of all butcheries. Also, men in unskilled and semi-skilled labor positions change jobs frequently. If this guy worked at a slaughter house or butchery for one year nobody would ever know.

Yes, they do. Especially if it is a hot case such as this one.

Let’s say the police get 500 tips from the public based off the cctv footage of who they think that is. Based on the work the tips say this person does/used to do they could narrow down and focus on those in line with the kichinjio/medical background to potentially save on a lot of wasted time and lead to a quick capture of the guy. (Chances are if you suspect ni mtu fulani you even know what they do for a living)

Umeoverthink hadi uka underthink. Si rocket science its that simple

Naskia ameshikwa na tulisema kushikwa sio ngumu. Kazi kubwa ipo pale kortini jamaa akiamua kumwaga pesa.

The guy must have called the lady many times. Safaricom wapatiane phone records ya the lady then they match the individuals na hio cctv image.

Hii ni simple tu, Safaricom na Tinder wapeane details :joy:

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