Possible Azimio Running mate

Western is a battle ground after ruto gained foothold there and this has complicated Raila’s options

1: Martha Karua - confront ruto in mt kenya and hope gender factor will help , but will Raila count on Kambas to deliver despit Melon’s threats to jump ship?

2: PK kenneth - same as karua but no gender advantage

3: Kalonzo Musyoka- Get solid kamba block and hope gatheca/karua will deliver mt kenya votes.

4: Whoever deep state decides and then rig the elections for them (this is the most likely option) , i hear they’ve gone back to the drawing board after Ruto named his running mate, why?

With Gachagua, Mt Kenya is locked.

Azimio will be tempted to pick on Karua to make it the INTEGRITY ticket, but they should forget that it will not add Mt. Kenya votes to their basket.

Kalonzo is their best option.

Mt. Kenya is not locked - Gachagua as DP is a big blunder and Ruto is about regret this.

I cannot see any headache on Azimio side.

explain how its a blunder mkuu

Havent you been seeing the chaos in that camp lately? ,

Kuzimia wamechengwa, anything without kalonjo is dead on arrival,swali ni nini watapatia western since madvd na weta wako na 30 %

Kama hueni blunder ya no1 and no2 being looters - you need help.

The best bet is to pick Kalonzo and they might have a decent run defeating Ruto. Hii mambo na Kikuyu running mate is just nonsensical on the part of Azimio since that region is effectively gone. They should focus on rescuing their ship.

The thief card is stale and expired, because no one cares , Everyone knows they are all looters lead by Jayden himself. Unless you wont be voting all together

Arap meno mingi niaje,naona mnataka next govt ikuwe a tribal suit ya Kikale

Hapa wasipompa Kalonzo, baba Anaenda retire mapema, Karua Kenneth or sabina joy will not bring my kenya votes

Ati Western is a battleground :smiley:

50/50 according to polls

Who’s Polls …???

The ground is shifting daily as the Double Crosses continue …

Kindiki has just been thrown under the Sugoi Wheelbarrow Conman Bus and his base is not happy …:D:D

The only coalition plagued with double crosses conmanship and betrayal is Azimio , si utajionea kesho:D:D:D

No doubt disagreements will continue but the Tactical Blunder that William has made with this really bad Choice will haunt him forever …

Huyu Jamaa ni Mwizi Sugu … :D:D

How was it a tactical blunder , expound , unless you’re clueless like assmafia trolls here

Meanwhile, Mwangi wa Iria has chosen another political heavyweight Alfayo Onyambu, to deputize him. So Bado kuna options…si lazma Azimio/Kkwanza.

“…Res Ipsa Loquitur …”
( …for the unschooled in here … The facts speak for themselves … ).

  1. A Thief ( … don’t take my word for it - it is common knowledge … )

  2. A mis-manager of Public Funds and Resources.

  3. A miserable track record in almost everything.

  4. A peddler of Impunity.

  5. Totally lacking in any Values or Integrity.

William just shot himself in the foot … :D:D