Position of the Deputy Governor Nairobi.

Watu na guts na roho. Hakuna kazi…Ime ni kumbusha wale wa kutengeneza placards na kusi mama kwa barabara. The only difference here the guy has money.

apatiwe hio kiti

university graduate, and 15 years of public service, i can assure you that, Sonko didn’t read past that. Then Sogoti also seems to be very naive, by thinking Mbuvi is after improving The City, and the lives of Nairobians.

deputy governor wa nairobi will be appointed one year to re-election…every time this conversation pops up mbuvi gets some diversionary tactics eg. he lipuas some scandal or “exposes” something/someone else completely unrelated…ngojeni muone hii wiki haishi kabla mbuvi ajipate kwa media headlines with something completely different from hii topic ya deputy governor…

Nairobi has its problems but lack of deputy governor isn’t one of them. That a position that been fought for by political brokers. Sonko has seen how OP used all the tricks to get nyoro in Kiambu. He will not let that happen to him.

Arap Chepsat congratulations, you have gotten the attention and fame for a day that you wanted. Though I don’t know why you needed it.

Incoming governor of his county