Portable Hotspot


can you suggest a good portable hotspot…

ama which is the best?

your phone :):smiley:

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TP-Link is the best…smaller than a phone and can support up to 15 devices.

more info please

staki ya simu boss

TP Link TL-MR3420


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I have been using this orange modem. Can support upto 15 devices.
ZTE MF65 3G mobile Wi-Fi hotspot
• OLED screen display
• Expandable memory up to 32GB
• Orange user interface,
• Win8, Win7,WinXP, WinVista, Linux, Mac OS
• Expandable memory
• Battery 1,500mAh
• Download Speeds of 21Mbps

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try that out, i have bought it before. Ukitaka enda Bazaar place karibu na TSC building, tafuta shop inaitwa FGEE ask for it…

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Run away from ZTE stuff. If you intend to use safcom the phone or huawei modem will be good.

Orange na aitel wana roll out their 4G lini?


as soon as they are through

Experience teaches me that they arent the best.Especially modems.

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