Port forwarding on Safaricom Home Fibre

Anyone here forwarding ports to devices in your network on Safaricom home fibre? If so, have you had any issues recently? I’ve forwarded some ports (80 etc) and it’s been fine for ages, come Wednesday this week, suddenly they’re no longer accessible. Talked to customer care, they essentially told me to jipanga as they can’t see any issue with the connection, and that ports are not blocked. I’ve tried everything, reset router to factory settings etc, no dice. Might have to go back to zuku at this rate.

Magwiji walisema you buy a different/secondary router, and not use safaricom’s router directly on your devices…

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I can do this once I resolve my problem, for now I just want to know if anyone else is forwarding ports maybe for a cctv camera, web server etc and they’re on Safaricom home fibre and it’s working ok.

I may have clarified inadequately or you not gotten it. I compared the Internet crawlers to Shodan look in that web crawlers slither the WWW and record them. Likewise Shodan is a web crawler that slithers and files all gadgets associated with the internet(aka web confronting) including their open ports.

I have a TPlink between my gadgets and a Safaricon router and port forwarding still wont work.

Did anyone ever figure out a workout?

it this possible?i tried asking them they just said i have no option but to use safaricoms router