Port Au Prince

An artificially created regime by the American government is on the verge of collapse due to corruption and theft… Expect something very something similar in Venezuela if they put in guaido… ( Haiti and Venezuela helped one another in the past)

Haiti the first ever black republic to rise from colonial rule. Deserves much more than this, and I wish Africa could put its boots here and help steer Haiti towards a better future…I know us Africans are yet to awaken to our true potential. But I feel like in some way we must help Haiti rise up on its feet because the white man doesn’t care.



American Mercs on a government mission. We’re also caught…


Haiti apologists mko wapi? Kujeni mbio. Shithole country showing signs of more shitholery

Haiti.The only black majority country that went on a colinization spree then even after clearing the debt to the French, fucked itself up several times over.

Ambiya au tafutia buda ngoma kutokata Haiti. Kitaweleka