Porsche Cayenne, Interior options

Some auto makers such as Porsche have car configuration options,where you can ‘customize’ your new car in production by chosing detail options such as colours etc.
Birrionaires:D in this village, I would like to hear your opinion on this.Anybody who has done the so called car configuration,how was the experience? did the ‘customized’ car turn into what you wanted or imagined?
Also in your opinion,which would be your preffered interior colour combo for a Porsche?
P.s. Asking for a friend.:smiley:

Hakuna billionaires hapa

Wako wengi.All income brackets are represented in this village.

They are billionaires in their fancy imagination the majority of the cadre here are tumutu twa probox and College students enjoying free campus Wi-Fi

amesema Birrionaires :smiley:

tafuta ochi thunder

Hawa ni wale walikuwa Ethiopia juzi wakinunua kuma ama?:oops:

Who be that?

the only true billionaire around… hawa wengine ni bonoko…


LOL…hata wale wanadrive ma X6 na ma Rangerover hapa pia ni bonoko kweli?

my former boss had a really nice Porsche cayenne something like a “shinny lightbrown” color if kuna kitu kaa hio then the seats te same color on the headrest and sides katikati ni cream dashboard was “woodlike” that car has “rich” written all over it alafu hajawai weka tint

proverbs galore

Luxury car yeyote ivory interior huwa kabisa , … black interior wachia peasants

Car configuration means ur purchasing it from manufacturers, aai apana sisi ni billionaire wa kwenda showroom

Kenyan dealers you can choose some options. But hakuna website with features to let you customize kama za majuu. So you have to visit the dealer personally. I found out this when purchasing my Land cruiser from Toyota Kenya

I guess Porsche offers the customization option through their local dealers all over the world,you just have to wait a little longer for the factory guys to do their job plus the shipment time.I don’t know about other auto makers though.

Porsche let’s you customize right from their site.