Pornographic carving on Ngong road

What do you think of this?[ATTACH=full]190973[/ATTACH]

Ambia Ezekiel Mutua pale twirra

it’s just congress


You are over-imagining SV.

Wacha kuharibu biz!!!

This is Art… N creativity.

There is one in KU and nobody gives a damn…effing morality nazis.

mbicha please

na yule boy anakojoa pale supreme court…??

I’m as liberal as they come but that’s plain pornograpy. A naked man? Alright A naked woman? Better. An actual nyanduano carving on a street where school going children pass? Ferk NO.

Sculpture lazima ifikishe threshold. DFHKMBLBHNKN

Jamaa ataenda huko na camera team!!


How polygamy was…

He he he

nikiwa na pub na guest house naweza nunua hio kitu niwekee client

Italian and Greek children see several naked statues on their way to school and have been sseing them for more than a millenia.
Imewaharibu aje??

Matombano everywhere…

Why don’t you give your kids or if you dare, those of someone you know such a statue? Kenyans are not Italians or Greeks whom you seem to adore and emulate.

Here lies the difference between how people like you were brought up with Victorian values that have taken you nowhere and give you a sense of inferiority complex and me.
If Italian and Greek children can handle it ,so can Kenyans.After all, African culture was very much sexualized(at least in Coast, it was) before the missionaries came.
And your statement shows how successful the missionaries were!!