Pork Tavern Thika - Osha Macho

There’s a joint in Thika called Pork Tavern with perfect ambience and even a bar inside. But, that’s not the most outstanding thing; it’s their waitresses man!! And their hostess called Mell is a junk of candy bana!
Pale usiende na bibi tafadhali if you want to have an easy time.


Boss am there, macho inauma, the girls are kind of fiesty, one of them just bumped into me intentionally, nimechukua number, tafuta pole pole kama fisi

Bila picha we ni :meffi:

Nilipitia Thika Jana base ya pork hapo karibu na stage, not sure if it’s the same place lakini kuna kifaa brown Sana hapo entrance…issue ni makalio alipiga bei



Total wastage of bandwidth. Admin do your work, he has failed to provide the most basic effidence of occurrence and he is guilty of misleading elders and the general village.

Kojoa ulale NV

Mafwi NV

Hauna tofauti na huyu nv humbwer Koko ya manispaa ya oyole.

Senior elder, address your issues za kuingia inbox za wanaume, your issues are bigger.

Tunajua wewe ni manager huko .Kang’ethe nakujua vizuri sana

unge tomba tu bottom homosexual @patco mkundu

:eek: you mean he is also an homosexual? so @Douchebag was right all along

He’s a bottom fagget as @cortedivoire displayed messages

@NV ghaseer umeangusha watu banae

Utafanya niogope @BADASS aiseh. Kuliendaje chief? :D:D:D

The video …


I bet ni hapo. Hio kifaa ya brown uko sure haina makalio kweli? That’s the first thing I noticed when I stepped in, she was at the cashier’s so got to see the whole view of her brown matako covered in white

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Absolutely! Interestingly it’s the dark skin chic that caught my attention the most, a chic called Leah. Man, those legs and that body, hapo lazima nirudi tena kama simba mwenda pole.