Population increase

The only solution for Africa. Good morning fools.
Most poor countries in the world developed due to population pressure on the economy and needs of the society. Take india and china for example. The increase in population in their respective countries forced their governments to up their game in orders to cater for the huge population needs.As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and indeed china,india , etc boasts of great advancement in tecnology , agriculture, medicine etc.
More often than not, even in life with a few exceptions a single fool like kodiaga who has only one belly to feed can sleep all day and later borrow 50bob from me as im coming home from hard work to eat madondo and sleep again up to tomorrow evening. He feels no need to work hard ,there is no pressure to find a job.no one is depending on him. He can sleep outside like a lorry and no one would notice anything. Look at. @Bingwa_Scrotum for example, with his 18 siblings from 3 mothers his dad must wake up at 5am to open shop in Eastleigh or they starve.this culture will eventually trickle down to the children.
I think and i support gachagua when he suggested every African household should have at least 7kids Although his was a tribal and crude way of putting it out. We have vast land, natural recouses to support even 3billion people in Africa. Look at the congo for example.
Finally, the narrative of family planning pushed by the evil westthrough rouge African leaders begining with mzee octogenarian moi was to ensure they have a sizable population to control.a population they can ‘manage’ easily. These African leaders must be forced by nature to comply and lead properly through pressure from the people or they will continue to manage us while lying to us that we are too many therefore we must stop reproducing. Nowadays it comes in the name of being woke, LGBTQ,and demonising the family unit in the form of things like MGAyTOW. The only way to force their hand is through people pressure.
Wake up Africa