Popular Kikuyu musicians body ( wanjaro) found in masinga dam.

Sasa elders, si mulikuwa mnataka ajiue. Sasa amekufa ghasia Nyinyi.

[SIZE=2]The body of missing Kikuyu musician has been found floating at the crocodile infested Masinga dam in Embu County.[/SIZE]
Edward Irungu Njaro alias Wanjaro Junior is believed to have taken his own life by jumping into the dam.

Wanjaro who went missing on July 14 from his Kasarani home is said to have sent a message indicating that he was in debt.[/SIZE]

Ameimba nyimbo gani?


There are serious mental issues Kenyans are going through right now thanks to Rona and Bad Policies by Jubilee.

Some of the bad policies ?

1.Overtaxation leading to HIGH COST OF LIVING.
2. Overegulation of different sectors like manufacturing, farming (like its illegal to sell milk to your neighbour, planting potatoes is tricky now, taxes on pesticides etc
3. Unaffordable healthcare. An average Kenyan is just a phonecall from poverty.
4.Access to credit, twas different during Kibakis time but right now there is vested interest in that sector.

Jubi nda ya statehou

Sad maze.

@Muhuni Machaa hii ndo wimbo gani?

I learnt a very valuable lesson in the year 2016, life moves on, with or without you.

Is he related to the late George Wanjaro?