Popular Kikuyu musician exposed badly. Complete edition.

Ata picha ya skirt suit hatujakataa.

I remember that hekaya by @mikel about his preference for old whores

Even (Miguna) Squared?

fake news

Very very very true. Wanakijiji waliita iyo look The Thousand Cock Stare. A woman who has ridden the cock carousel for better part of her life.

I cunt feel bad for that beta simp chieth njoroge…like i said in another thread jamaa alitupa familia na watoto aoe i malaya…such men who can leave their families to go ride their dicks in another womans pussy…a singo matha for that matter are mefii mbwa takataka shenzii in my eyes

Shida ni kuwacha bibi na kuoa malaya azawise kuwadeenyer hawa watu na kuingia embetut forest hapo hakuna case

Kuna kitu @magreb husema about every family in central

Mwili ni ya waru

Nmejaripu kusaka hizo nutes telekram rink imerushwa hapa nkakosa puana

She will be pumped and dumped. But siwezi mind kula hii milf

Not worth it, very low quality but brookies are on point

We have always been saying that this woman is a hoe but hata hivyo siwezi mind

That was a friend of mine…dude used to ONLY date 50 year olds when we were in our early 20s pale campus. To be honest this gospel musician you guys are raving about is a very kawaida woman in my eyes. I won’t even notice her in a crowd hapa kawangware

Ntumie inbox


Hehee…some men are simp mbaya, never domisticate a woman, if you see any sign of whore inside her, kama unataka Malaya there so many brothels in this country.

Huyo Njoroge ataletewa kaswende nyumbani banae

You’re not from Kawangware. Neither do you reside in Kangemi. Maybe Waruku.

hii kitu ata 150 siwezi lipa