Popular Kenyan misconception about Car Tyres!!

IDEALLY you should rotate your car tyres during every service or after 5000km so that they last longer and wear out at an even rate and eventually when all the tyres are worn out you should change ALL FOUR of them at the same time. But most Kenyans don’t rotate the tyres so what ends up happening is that the Front wheels usually wear out much quicker, and need replacing. Also, few people have the financial ability to change all four tyres at once so they prefer to change them two at a time.

Now we are usually told by Kenyan mechanics that we should always put the new tyres or tyres with more tread on the front since on most front wheel cars, they do most of the work with regards to driving, steering and braking. However, Tyre manufacturers like Michelin and Firestone as well as other Vehicle experts on the internet claim this is a mistake because when the front tyres have more tread and grip than the rear ones, you are more likely to have oversteering on wet road surfaces, or lose control of your car due to hydroplaning. Their recommendation is that if you can only change two car tyres at a time, then you should put the newer tyres with more tread on the BACK and NOT the Front so that you have more control of your vehicle even on wet road surfaces.

Drivers of Kenyatalk what is your opinion on this?!


Bora tyre ziko poa and are roadworthy, unaweza weka anywhere. Most of these theories don’t work in real life

It might be true. But new tires at the front give a comfortable ride, easy and straight steering, and tend to not break lose on hard braking. That’s what I value.

Siku hizi gari hata haziwekwi tyres

I buy and replace my tires two at a time. That’s the smartest move I have learned in my over 20 years of car ownership.
I don’t know much about tires in Kenya, but here in Badenista, the largest Tire Dealer advises you to do two at a time to help your pocket.

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Bridgestone all the way.

Didn’t know you were a Renowned tyre manufacturer. Noogle, focus on lifting photos off the interwebs.

I have a car. Stop following my mcoondu you stupid gày!

You must be a special kind of daft to qualify your statement thus.

Mbwa Koko wewe. Pelekea mamako ujinga!

Acha nikuache utokote kwa ujinga wako Sokwe

Continental tyres all the way , their runflats tyres are just insanely good.

If the weak front tyre bursts it will be bad news

Ikitoboka weka ngeta