Popular Kenyan dancehall presenter nudes leak

Talia, always pretty, tight ass.

If you have tasted this, sema present!



Mali ya elders

wapi nudes??

Wapi nudes gassseeeeer


Admin amenyonga

Talia yawa:p

On my Bucket List … :smiley:


@digi kíhííiiiiiiiiii. Sewage ya muthurwa. Chiet. Taktak.

Used to be my nduthi kick start when she was hosting some late night show at capital fm. Used to call herself Talia the night nurse


Huyu mileage imezidi

it was Nation FM not capital

It was the old Nation FM before they changed to Easy FM and back to Nation FM

True. Sorry for the memory data mixup

Guys ,
This “Horse” badly lacks a Good “Rider” …
Any of You that fit the Bill … ??? :D:D


Where are the nudes?

Wapi nudes msenge wewe…

Kíhííiiiiiiiii. Sewage ya muthurwa. Chiet. Taktak