Popular Female News Anchor Caught Wearing a Hip Pad

A popular Ghanian news anchor Serwaa caused a storm in the social media platforms after she was caught on live Tv with viewers claiming it was big fake hip pad during an interview. Her viewers went ahead to circle part of her hips where they suspected she was wearing a hip pad and trolled her all day.

Cool story bro :meffi:

With or without a hip pad naweza mkamua

Obsessions with big bums have gone overboard. Wish girls could value bigger brains instead.

Women are allowed to wear whatever they want to feel and look beautiful. Idiots should stop shaming left right and centre. I wouldn’t be shocked to find those who shame are people less than her. Huwezi pata other successful busy people posting bullchieth about a simple pad to give a woman a feminine figure. Pthoo upuzi

Kapote tulia,… enda urudi na original pink handle…

Women have insecurities, especially those in the public spaces such as media. They want to wear fitting dresses that reveal their curves, hence the pressure to feel the need to enhance herself. It’s sometimes the peer pressure to look attractive, I reckon, not realizing that sometimes people don’t care so much about your hips or looks, but more about delivering good content. If people were contented in how they look without overdoing it, life would be so much easier. Afterall, not all men are superficial.

:smiley: ghaseer hua unacheki muscleman wa Regular Show Cartoon Network?

Tell that to newscasters

Kuna wanawake hua na income zaidi ya mtu PHD with years experience juu tu ya rasa serious.

There are some bikers with side filling pads that almost look real. Angetafuta hiyo. The name for the pads in Ghana is funny though. Hausakoko