Popular Bar Talk That There Are More Mercedes Benz Cars In Kenya Than In Germany

Hii story nilianza kuisikia nikwa bado High School. I don’t know how true it is but in .ke Mercs ni mingi kiasi but not anywhere close to even the number on South African roads. In Sath Afreaka they assemble the German Machines. In Germany hata Taxis ni Mesedes.

:D:D:D:D:D I swear leo Ndindu bonoboste umekula kuber yenye haijaiva. Your brain is on an overdrive. Likw how do you even begin questioning the same adi unaletea elders ii opuss tudiscuss??

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Your point is ?


Ni kweli ama ni vakoh?

Not true.
Between 2008- 2020 over 250,000 Mercedes Benz cars were sold annually in Germany. Kenya‘s total vehicle population was 3.2M in 2018 ( KNBS data). 1.2 million of this 3.2 M were motorcycles and three wheeler.

LICs have only 1% of the over 1 billion global vehicle population Vs HICs that have 40% - WHO 2018.

Mercedes car sales in Germany 2008-2020
German sales of Mercedes cars peaked at approximately 328,000 units in 2008, before falling by almost 50,000 units the following year. This peak was surpassed in 2019 as Mercedes sold some 339,000 units in Germany.


A small town in Austria or Germany buys more Benzes than the whole of East Africa

@Ndindu must be a low IQ idiot. With the tax regime in Kenya you need to have a net worth of 30m to afford a new benz. Plus developed nations have access to low interest loans and higher incomes. Hizi mercs zinauzwa huku ni za huko 2014 na 2015. People seem to forget that Kenya is a third world country or what people refer to as shithole.

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Too many mercedes on our roads. They might soon overtake toyotas in numbers.

Tell us about Kenya Vs Monaco. Can Kenya export BJ 50 to Monaco for the purposes of Balance of trade?

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Kenya lacks enough roads and/or parking spaces.

Because cars are crowding available spaces, bonobos think there are sooo many cars. :smiley:

In Bidenista there are more cars than adults per capita. There are several highways and carriageways littered with autos at any given time while parking spaces are also occupied. Dealership lots are also overflowing…