Pope to bless same sex marriages

Will the African Catholic church embrace this?

Waah !

I am eagerly awaiting how this will be interpreted to catholics in Kenya as no catholic priest is supposed to contradict the pope.

Anglicans too. Where the whore goes her daughters follow:

Roman “Christianity” is a scam.

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the church has always been gey…

Do not be fooled, God is not anyone’s Uncle Jim or Cousin Joe, we cannot play games with Him. Pastoral charity does not mean condoning abominations which the Bible clearly condemns. The Bible expressly condemns the perversion of sodomy, and the support for it, as evils worthy of death!–forget the trendy misnormer of calling it gayness, or “same sex marriage”, it’s absolute nonsense. God couldn’t care less about niceties–you just need to see how He crushed people (even children and animals) in the past–and who is to correct Him, the Pope?
It is not the place of those who truly preach God’s word to soften the severity of sin, or to modulate His commandments to make people feel good on the excuse on being charitable. It is as grossly serious as God says it is, and the real pastoral charity is to tell the world the hard truth, because preachers are but men, and like it or not, God will not hesitate to kill, or feel aggrieved to strike (with disease) anyone who thinks it’s his place to pervert creation.

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