Pope hapendi kudaradarwa



This might be the end of this man…

Mnyambo wa punda tuuu

The first video he has a reason to smack the young lady for pulling him but second video shows a coward who fears infection. A leader who heads a church that was established by saints who sacrificed their life in service of others.

I wonder what obsession black negroid bonobo africans have with the white mans religions plus the pedophiles religion. Fuck the pope


Hahaha… That second video is hilarious,… It goes to show he is a man. Full of flaws… Probly wanks too… So no need to kiss the ring.

Hehehe, wewe umeamua kupiga pang’ang’a bila facts. In the second video, he was actually discouraging people from kissing his ring because he didn’t want to be equated to a king or demigod. But binadamu ni nani? Hawaskii, so that’s the only way he could do it.


A lot of evil injustices were done by the Catholic church in the dark ages. Read about the Inquisition and you will see that this is just a small matter.


It is actually not hygienic to have everyone kiss his ring.

‘The Church is holy yet sinful.’ John Paul II

In your dreams.

I see, didn’t know they were after kissing a ring. I thought it was his hand