Pope Francis amesema watoto walimane matako



There is something wrong with this church.

All churches and religion in general,kuna wakufirana,wadinya bibi za wenyewe,wakuiba pesa,wakudanganyana wanatibu magonjwa,wakufufua maiti…fre will,you pick the one you like:D:D

What the bloody hell. I thought he preaches
the Bible. Or maybe lesser people don’t know how to read, and don’t know what’s good for their own children.

He must be a faggot.

He’s a couple thousand years late. Early Christians would have really appreciated this move.

Its a tough one…but Salvation is for the sinners just like treatment and medication is for the ill.
The church is open to all.
The church is a place of communion not condemnation.
The world is changing real real fast…we have to tighten our belts and make uncomfortable adjustments.
The Pope was addressing parents raising gay kids…haja ambia stormtrooper yuletapeli na mbomb ku encourage anyone in this gay.
Hopefully we wont face this challenge with our own kids…but for those who are The Pope is trying to ease you through the ordeal.
Unakubali tu…dont bash your head against the wall…mtoi ashajikubali vile yuko.
Personally…i dont support it…but think of people in this situation.
By the way…nimesoma the whole statement ya pope before ni post…pia wewe jikaze uisome.
Nikunoma wadau.

:D:D:Dalafu unawacha kijana aeende akuwe alter boy

There’s a reason very unscrupulous types love going to the church Eg arror

He’s only saying this out loud now. Do you know how many boys are molested in catholic churches? You will be shocked. And for your info, the only sexual sin ‘God’ hated was sodomy and they were asked not to do it. Why?

Yes, whatever thing they do in that church, has nothing to do with God. huyu Pope niko sure analima matako ya watu huko Vatican mbaya saana. Anyway Pope is just the DEvil on this planet

Fuck Europe and its bullshit religions.

The pope is on the right side of history

most useless pope in history. vile niliona wana dinyana na Obama nilijua kwisha

Your statement is contradictory.
You say church is for the sinners, but the same churches are at the frontline bashing anyone and everyone who doesn’t heed with the fires of hell.
The church should pick a stand, if it’s in their book that fags are undesirables in the eyes of God that should be final. Unless they are playing politics and are after the gay money.

Next they’ll have to censor their book to accommodate the gays.

I dont see any contradiction.
Very true…the church will bash all evil all day everyday…but i doubt theres any church where right of entry is biased…kila mtu akona uhuru ya kuingia kanisa mosque synagogue etc…unaingia so that the eyes of heart can be opened and mend your ways.
All the pope is asking for is for you to accept your kids for who they are.
Your kid may be gay…with a steady commited partner…this is soo much better than if your kids a gay prostitute…au vipi…lemonade out of lemons.
Ni noma…hata hi discussion inanishinda…but even with all the ‘percieved’ faults in catholicism…dont forget we dont bless gay marriages…sawa?
Ni kubali tu mtoto vile alivyo…nikama tu ku kubali mtoto mlemavu ama a colourful kid (you get what i mean) ama mtoto mwizi.
Mtoto ni wako tu upende usipende.
Blood is thicker than water.
Again…its a tough one.
By the way mbona hamkutoa noma sahile pope alisema dhambi za mwili si mbaya kama za roho…as in a bit of infidelity si mbaya bora urudi nyumbani kwa mwenzako na utunze familia?

Now this is the politics that I’m talking about.
When was the church about acceptance?
You’re saying that the church opens its doors to everyone, but they burned witches and God roasted the gay kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Unless you’re saying that He’s changed and now accepts gays into His Kingdom Come, what you’re preaching to us is pure politics since He says that the sinners (gays and adulterers, etc) will see His Kingdom from Viusasa.

Yes. True. From viusasa if you dont mend your ways and denounce satan satans ways and satans emissaries before other believers and accept The Holy Trinity.

Its not politics…its pretty straight forward.

The church has always been about acceptance…acceptance that evil exists and can afflict the hearts of spiritualy week men…the doors have to be left open for each and everyone regardless of your weakness.

The witches and gomorahs gays were in denial and in some cases beyond redemption…God’s will be done but in that will you still have independence and freedom of choice…you have a shot at redemption use it or loose it and face the consequences.

None of us can debate Our Fathers will and ways…we dont even have the capacity nor the words to…just be clean follow the straight and narrow and have faith.

Because it’s unnatural act