Poorest City in China

Can Nairobi get to such levels?



By the way did the Chinese stopped tunyaring Africans hapo kwao

Sino propaganda

Propaganda in what way? Do you mean the city is not real or a movie?

What is fake? Do you wanna say the city is not real?

Hehee,fake sh!t

The quantifier “poorest”… CCCP huezi amini chochote that comes out of their mouths. Ata Jinping mwenyewe if he walked up to me anishow mi ni Mwafrika black I’d have to check my legal documents na kioo to confirm. Covid IS a stark reminder of their BS. Ata tusiingilie Uighurs… Hiyo waweke CNC na CCTV and feed it to their own citizens


There is a show on Netflix called Flavorful origins;! Check that out and you will see how majority of China looks like. When we hear about China we see all these big cities but that just hype.


Fake shiet