Poor people and low IQ

I have decide to counter that thread of that peasant villager and give my 2 cents…I would agree with him that they shouldn’t sire children but it’s not there fault some of you mliachiwa inheritance na wazazi na you kept good use of it na hamkuuza
now someone amesomeshwa akamaliza shule no inheritance no nothing anaapply jobs they don’t take him because they want 3years experience where’s is that guy supposed to get experience unless he volunteers of which he can’t because rent inamgoja,food inamngoja ,fair Iko hapo so volunteering for him is not an option so lazima aende mjengo ama kazi ya carwash of which it doesn’t pay much na atakua in the rat race
Some of this poor guys you talk about are more better than you ni privillage na luck mlipata otherwise mngekua in the same position
Somebody helped you somewhere but when someone else asks for your help you turn them down
So tuwache hii ufala ya kusema nikujitakia wanajitakia

Someone who can’t compose a grammatically correct sentence should not be allowed to sire kids.

Pia a man with female traits and 20k as savings

With these economic times people without adequate means should definitely NOT have children. Bringing an innocent into a miserable life is wickedness of the highest level.

Now you are ranting. But nobody nowhere gives a shit bro. Nobody is coming to save you.

My thread was short, precise and to the point. I repeat, if you don’t have the economic means to give your children a decent upbringing, don’t bear children. They don’t have to suffer, they are innocent.

Feelings ingiza kwa mcoondu.

You guys are talking like you live outside this planet.

The vast majority of people are poor.
Suggesting this is akin to saying the vast majority of people shouldnt have kids?


But again, it’s never that serious. Hapa ni kuongea tunaongea tu. Kila nyani na starehe zake. Watu WA kuzaa wazae. Serikali itasaidia.

But Geeys are on the safe side.

So you see it fit to be struggling as two adults then bring a child/children into the mix to suffer with you?

Bro you can’t disipher a sentence enda uza tu mcoondo

Kama c mama yako kuniuzia mcoondoo na. 50 bob ungefika kwenyee uko

During my PhD studies, I asked a philosophical question on this matter; who is a poor person? Ule nyanye huko ushago tilling her land left behind by the now dead husband to produce enough for her physiological needs and a little more to share with neighbours while eating part of her chicken stock at will ni maskini? Ule mwana boda boda mwenye anapata just enough to feed his family and set aside a little for his farm after kupeleka watoto wake shule na anaishi kwake, ako na ng’ombe, mbuzi na kuku na ako na gunia tatu za mahindi kwa store ni maskini? Na jee ule office waka mwenye analipwa 350k, ako na CX5, harrier ama Prado ya petrol, anaishi Kilimani, watoto wake wanakula sausage for breakfast na wanasomea group of schools but hawezi survive more than three months job ikikatika?

You are now talking like a realist. These boys are just yapping like they don’t live on this planet.

They are making the assumption that people’s aspirations and goals are the same. Hao wanataka kuinuia flats na kuendesha German machines then wanaona whoever wants to just raise well adjusted educated kids ni meffi in their eyes. We have old men and women who raised their kids in circumstances of want na watoto wakakuwa watu wa kutajika but anytime watoto wanataka kuwafanyia upgrade ya maisha wanakata because they are just contended wherever they are na sii wachache. Ordinary teachers, nurses, clerks etc.

I agree. While English is not a mark of intelligence the fact that somebody has studied and been instructed in it for at least 15 years should make them proficient…siyo kuconfuse his and her, for example.

Unless of course mtu ako na IQ ya pregnant warthog…


Na labda ni onyi wa kibera

Hio ya mtu ako na IQ ya pregnant warthog… ni kali sana:D:D

You’ll realise, as if on cue, its always people who are sloppy in their thinking and doing who are also sloppy in their language both written and spoken. They are the same people who will do things because its ‘fun’ and ‘hilarious’ without thinking of future impact of their actions. They always operate in Real Time; now (i.e. no thought of what they are supposed to do today that will improve their tomorrow).

Another thing; there’s a reason language has rules and structure - to make communication clear and information being passed across to be easily understood, sio mtu aanze kupoteza wakati akianza kutegua ujumbe unamaanisha nini.

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