Poor man raped by two women, what has society come to

The rights of this man have been grossly violated and his dignity taken away be these two vicious beasts that attacked him. They pinned the helpless man down and drained his balls till the last drop.Nobody heard the poor mans screams for mercy, nobody came to his help.He remains permanently traumatized and his life will never be the same again. It’s time we speak out against rape.

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Where were this women when we were growing up



this is a lie,how can you pin down a grown up hivi kimchezo,alikuwa ana enjoy pia yeye.

its is more of masturbating him by force i cant see him penetrate the vagina the woman is wearing panties

I don’t see any rape there. Seems like a silly game they are playing. :smiley:

I think my friends from Western and Nyanza can appreciate these henious activities from these women if you guys from central are complaining…

On a second note I think these women are sperm harvesters and maybe the guy has a wife and kid and probably rich. They want to screw his life by getting pregnant ans asking for child support…on a second thought Im withdrawing my sentiments about my brothers from Western and nyanza.


Ingekua ni mwanamke anafanyiwa hivyo na wanaume everybody would be up in arms, polisi wangekua wanafanya manhunt.


Feminazi wamefanya hawa madame and others wafanye vile wanataka to the point of filming themselves raping a guy bila kuogopa consequences. Wewe kama jamaa ukiangalia dame sexually kwa work place unaweza kufutwa job if that lady reports you are sexually harassing her.


Zote mbili ni DF material, ingekuwa mimi threesome ingeivana saa hiyo

They were there. you penis was and is too small to be rapped.

Hizo cases zinakuwanga Zimbabwe sana sana.

You are a genius

amateur ghetto bdsm

hao madem wakuom wanirape

[SIZE=6][SIZE=5].ZA bitchez are crazy, Manze hawa wakuje wajue kuna mafisi, [/SIZE][/SIZE]

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jinga. Huwezi weka movie upright? Shingo imechoka