Poor kids pay $1 to board grounded plane just to see what it’s like

A retired Indian aircraft engineer is offering a
unique twist on the staycation — providing free “flights to nowhere” to the country’s poorest
residents.For just $1, Bahadur Chand Gupta gives
impoverished Indian citizens a trip in an airplane,
but there’s a catch — it never leaves the ground. The 58-year-old invested nearly $70,000 to buy
an AirBus 300 back in 2003, hoping to give
citizens from his village, Haryana, the chance to
see inside the aircraft. “Many of my friends in my villages used to ask if
I could take them inside an airport so that they
can see the aircraft from close quarters as they
could not afford to travel in an Airbus,” he told
Barcroft Media. Gupta, who used to work for Indian Airlines,
provides a free lunch to those who can’t afford it. But his mission isn’t just about previewing what
it’s like to be on a plane. He also shows people
how to handle aircraft emergencies. “We teach them how [to] save lives in case of fire
and how to jump from the aircraft,” he said.

at least the young ones will have something to dream about…

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Yeah. I watched this feature on alajzeera

nice thinking

at least wameona ndani,mimi nazionea huku juu,angani


Waka Ino, kwani unaishi juu angani? by the way, kilo ya porko unauza ngapi?