Poor Kenyans mnazaana mithili ya panya

Leo jioni I decided to walk from work to home instead of climbing matatu. The shortcut is through an informal settlement with about 100 adults most of whom are in marriage and active sexual relationship. What shocked me is the number of small kids in that area. I encountered not less than 70 kids playing games (mostly football) in that area. All less than 10 years of age. Not forgetting big kids in primary and secondary school coming home with CBC homework. Then several women appear pregnant. Yaani tumeamua kuzaa like shiet jameni?!


Wacha watu wazaane vile wanataka. The only move you have is to make sure that you do not help them raise those kids in any way to avoid creating a moral hazard. Mtu akiamua kuzaa kama panya usimsaidie kulea watoto wacha awalee peke yake. You sacrifice not having many kids to live comfortably and invest for retirement. So kusaidia ghasia amezaa kama panya is doing an injustice to yourself.

If you position yourself correctly, you can benefit from their stupidity. Those people will need what you have (money) and in exchange they will sell labor to you cheaply. You will screw their 18 year old daughters at 60 for peanuts, and their sons will break their backs building your mansion and flats.

We can’t all make smart decisions. Most people have to make dumb decisions for the few who make smart decisions to reap the benefits. If everyone stopped having kids they can’t afford, then you (a responsible breeder) will lose your edge.


Hapo sioni jambo geni shifo. Kwani ulihamia Eastlands juu sidhani hizo ni characteristics za laikipia?

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Wakenya na wa Nigerian wanazaana na speed ya juu sana na hawana resources.
Mkenya hajui kuplan. Mimba unplanned, mijengo unplanned. Ata madeni mnachukua tu bila kujua mtalipaje.

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They’ll call asking for pesa ya school fees, mara mtoto ni mgonjwa, mara sijui contribute pesa ya wedding…….alafu when they see you’re always the type to give wanaanza making plans subconsciously thinking you’ll be the one funding them :joy:.

I learned alot ile day nilienda men’s ward in the hospital. Hapo niliona men in their 60s and 70s. The only people who visited them consistently and cared were their kids if they were lucky. Obviously their wives were also too old or dead to visit. In the end kwa maisha ya mwanaume ni wewe, pesa yako, na maybe watoto wako.

Kwa hivyo I advice men to only care about their own kids and their retirement plans. Kusaidia ghasia kulea his or her army of kids is acting against your own future interests. Hao watoto unasaidia kusomesha na kulea kama sio wako they will never benefit you in future.

Mimi ghasia akinichapia story ya fees huwa namnunulia lunch apate nguvu ya kutafuta pesa. Beyond that I honestly don’t care.


My senior mgtow brother yesterday was asked by wazee why he is married and bring grandkids to them since men his age have families , he asked them to mind their own business coz majority of their age mates were dead and he has never asked them why they are not dead and some people of their age are dead .
Wazee walimyamaza Tu .nikua naona nikama wamefikiria enyewe tunafaa kuwa tumekufa