Poor Ben Githae

The look on Riggy G’s face was astounding…haki hana huruma…the humiliation was too much. What is wrong with Githae???


rigathi is a thin skinned little creep anashindana na kina githae calling chiefs at night as if kenya dosent have serious issues to sort !

He really embarrased us yesterday…yeye hana brake za mdomo…or rather hajui protocol…

The only thing I love about Njagathi is that he is unpredictable.

Nabii Ruto does not like unpredictable persons.

This keeps Nabii in check if he wants to screw Gikuyus.

So Githae was good in 2017 but now ni mbaya. Tugege tutu muwache upus.


Kwanza hapo alisema mūhooi is the most despised man among the Gīkūyū…karibu aseme “Tugaga mūndū ūyū ni mūhooi ta Rumbwa”

Haki the look on WSR’s face when Gachagua gets the mic is priceless:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D:DWSR was praying hard yesterday that he does not go for Uhuru’s jugular in his home turf. It would look a bit childish at this point.

Githae needed to be put in his place alongside Kiengei, Karangu, Samidoh and all those tumbocrats who were paid by Azimio in 2021…
But, then again pls someone tell me what good is Ngaruiya Jnr to the mountain? actually what does he do for a living???and don’t tell me singing…why has this gava sidelined Muigai wa Njoroge who laid his life on the line?

Probably they offered him a job but he knows where his passion lies: In entertaining his fans.

Truedat. No-one wants a career menopause like Githae…

Githae is a one hit wonder and a greedy opportunist.

Üyu wothe ni urimu:D

Riggy G put him in his place. Meanwhile this man is ailing and has been looking for money for cancer treatment. Let me hope they facilitated this yesterday instead of using him for their own gains…

Huyu ameniaibisha kapsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


Embarrasment ikaendelea…Ann Wamuratha…who are those that voted this one??


Tugege should be banned from voting.

Weh that was cringe to watch bwana, on a side note si hao vijana wanakula vizuri, young senators, MPs etc hawa hutoa wapi pesa ya campaign ama ni sons of old money/Kiambu mashamba barons, if I wasn’t doing anything meaningful I would definitely have considered politics.

They turned a family funeral into a poor comedy show…aibu sana sana. I think or I heard that those running on UDA tickets were heavily funded by WSR. I heard from someone close to my MP KaWanjiku. They will refund the money from stolen funds…and the eco system goes on and on whilst we cheer them on.
Baba was accused of not funding his footrunners…as per kawaaaaa. Mkono gum. He is now busy doing what he knows best. Trying to destabilise the nation.

Some of the old money barons did not make it thru for instance we have ensured that no Koinange is near our hotseats in Kiambaa and Greater Kiambu. There is a lot of money in Kenyan politics and also in Kenyan churches…this fake Kiengei guy said he is paid by his church and also makes more than 35k each week from online ‘parishioners’ aka fools every sunday! And of course you know there is no regulation when it comes to opening churches in Kenya na muhothi ni waku you do as you please with it…

That’s why I weep for this country. I can’t cheer any side I was rooting for Baba this time round. Now the problem is this money to be made by politicians comes from our taxes which we are dearly paying for. We have mpigs at the coast who have refused to attend their parliamentary committees induction training unless NG CDF is released. Someone like Kawambui opened his mouth I nearly ran away from the room I was in coz of the disaster that I witnessed. A full 2 term Mp could not complete a whole sentence in Swahili bar English. I could only hear ‘ensuling’.
For the first time in my life am muling emigrating.