Poor baby forced 2 carry 1mill in Cash by a Chokosh Senator 4 fame..sadness of.....

Yes he adopted him bt was the adoption for fame…see poor baby …he does not know why he is carrying such a weight, Look at the poor baby’s eyes…he does not want to be with the drug dealer chokosh…he wants to go back home…to his poor family pale mombasa- mbona unaweka mtoto instagram…4those who do not know this is the kid who got a bullet shot in his head wakati al shabaab attacked a kanisa pale mombasa…poor boy lost his mom. Sonko rescued and adopted him bt na think ilikuwa attention seeking. All this ndio ukuwe Governor…hio sahau chokosh


You are shallow as can be it’s almost laughable.

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Hii picha amewekea machokosh. Sio watu wanafikiria.


You think grammar is a motherfucking game?



Nyamasa mungiki mefi

and as you can see it sure got their attention…

Niaje gash. Word up

hii sasa itakuwa chokosh wars ama peasant wars?

wapi peasant @Web Dev

[SIZE=5]So I guess the question is ,does raila Fart? …:Dor is he like the north Korean leader who doesn’t? [/SIZE]

shhhhhh! Sarah analala…

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If you post bullshit rest assured I will call you out and for that reason chukua Io…

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Acha niachane na wewe nitoe lock kwanza.

the problem is that he is not sure whether the kid has the intelligence and conscience to approve this picture… what if 10 years down the line… they cross paths and this picture emerges from no where…

posting pictures is ok but posting controversial pics like this is just not necessarily… but then again this is the same man who was hurling curses and insults the other day