Ponea Health - Hotel and Home Doctor concierge service


For those who are too busy and wish to have the doctor come to them then this is the service for you. The doctor will come, conduct his examination give direction on the way forward such as tests and admissions.

For those with preexisting conditions and need further consultations then this can be done conveniently at home or office.

For those who wish for discrete home testing such as STI tests then you can book them to come to your home or hotel.

The third part is very important for this young adults here who are crying for raw of late. Before you throw away your lives then book for home/hotel tests so that at least you know beforehand if HIV, herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia is what will take you to the grave.

Am a medical school dropout… mnaeza nipea kibarua hata kama ni Kueka patients line

Ama ya kishikilia patients mapua

Ama ya kubadilisha @T.Vercetti diaper